Fighting against Novel Coronavirus, Ningbo is in action!

A novel coronavirus has emerged in China. It is a kind of contagious virus that originates from animals and can be transmitted from person to person. When facing the sudden coronavirus, China has taken a series of powerful measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. China followed the science to operate the control and defend work to protect the lives and safety of folks and maintained the normal order of society.

Ningbo as a major foreign trade city, the government mobilized foreign trade companies to deliver 400,000 masks to Ningbo. Ningbo is stepping up preparations and continuing to organize and coordinate emergency supplies needed for prevention and control. Thousands of foreign trade companies and the suppliers behind them are important sources of supply for Ningbo. While the city launched the relevant foreign trade export enterprises, looking for masks and other protective supplies inventory domestic sources, trying to supply Ningbo; At the same time, relevant import enterprises in the city were launched to look for foreign suppliers of protective equipment such as masks and explore the supply of imported protective equipment.

At 11:56 pm on January 24th, while most citizens were still waiting for the New Year’s bell to ring, 200,000 masks deployed in our city were being unloaded in the warehouse. In addition to drivers and security, more than ten foreign trade companies and logistics associations. Staff also gave up the rest and came to the scene to help. Everyone hopes to bring as many things as possible to support Wuhan.

At the same time, medical staff and community service staff gave up their holidays and did everything they could to help patients, creating a safer environment for everyone. Many companies have also acted to donate and provide materials for Wuhan to support the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infection pneumonia. Everyone is working together to fight the new coronavirus.

Thanks to the great support from our Government, unmatched wisdom of China Medical Team, and China’s powerful medical technology, everything is under control and will get fine soon. I believe China’s speed, scale, and efficiency of response is rarely seen in the world. China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the government’s instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The atmosphere around remains optimistic to some extent. The epidemic will be eventually controlled and killed.